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Ready for an upgrade? Discover how easy it is to trade in your Nikon devices or upgrade to a new Nikon product. Save money and benefit from our smooth process.

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Do you have a used Nikon device and want something new? Perfect! With our uncomplicated trade-in tool you have the opportunity to embark on an exciting journey of discovery in our extensive online shop.

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With our online tool we provide you with an easy way to trade in your Nikon items. You will receive a fair offer based on the condition and technical characteristics of your device. As soon as we have received your devices, we will carefully check them and compare them with the information you provided online. We will then send you an official confirmation email with a discount code that can be used to purchase products in our online shop. If you decide against purchasing, there is of course the option to have the payment made to an account of your choice.

System changes made easy

Are you thinking about trading in your current camera system for an advanced Nikon system? You are in the right place! Switching to Nikon opens the door to a world of photographic possibilities, unparalleled image quality and a community of passionate image makers.

With our wide range of cameras and lenses trusted by professionals worldwide, we give you the tools you need to take your photography to the next level. At Nikon, we understand that switching systems is a big decision. That's why we want to make this transition as smooth and rewarding as possible for you. With our special trade-in program for system changers, we not only offer you attractive offers, but also the support you need for a seamless transition.

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Use our simple and straightforward form to determine the value of your current equipment and discover how beneficial switching to Nikon can be for you. Click the button below to take your first step into a world of first-class photography. We will accompany you on every step of this exciting journey!

Trade-in for third-party manufacturers/system changes  

Trade What You Want - Enjoy Unlimited Flexibility!

Your discount code has no limits - it can be used for any category in our online shop. From cameras, lenses, original accessories, camera bags and photo backpacks to SmallRig accessories. Would you like to purchase used Nikon products? No problem! Your discount code can also be valid for this.

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Products "Like new", if your camera, for example, has no scratches, flaws, paint abrasion or other signs of wear. 

Products "Very good", if your camera, for example, is in a very well-maintained condition and only shows light, barely visible scratches, blemishes or other signs of wear.

Products "Good", if your camera, for example, has clearly visible and tangible scratches, flaws, paint abrasion or other signs of wear.

Products "Acceptable", if your camera, for example, shows very strong signs of use such as large, deep scratches or impact marks, flaws or dirt.

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